LA again…sigh

We got back last night from our nearly month-long trip back home – Wisconsin for me, Georgia for him (his folks live there now) – and I’m just a little blue.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of good here – South Pasadena is cute and thankfully more up to speed than the smaller cities we come from, and this is also where I need to be right now for my career, such as it is.  And yet all the time I know I won’t stay in California, I know it’s not home.

I find myself standing around our teeny apartment, staring at the spilled piles from opened suitcases, the stacked books everywhere, the cardboard boxes in the corner….where do I begin?

It was good – easy – back where we just were.  There were moms to make us food, people we loved to see, who loved us.  There were deep woods and wide meadows.  There were cheese curds and fried okra.  🙂  

It’s lonely here – though I know it won’t be for long.  We got here five months ago, but in some ways I’m embarrassed at how little progress it seems like I’ve made.

But I did complete an internship.  I did get a job.  I did write a short film.  I did meet some wonderful people – and I’ve got to get back in touch.

I’ll put up more photos later this week.  For now, I need to get settled.  For now, I need coffee and a notebook and one of my best pens.  There is so much to do I can hardly comprehend it.  I am blessed, I am tired.  Mostly, I am blessed.




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