Thanksgiving / Blurry Food

Day after Thanksgiving.  It was pouring when we woke up this morning.  Lovely.  And let me say I have done just about NOTHING since waking up save read (currently reading Dracula – awesomeness) and go for a walk and eat leftovers.   

God, I have needed this.

Yesterday was delicious and quiet.  Just the two of us.  A whole lot of work, but worth it.  And now – leftovers for days!


Blurry iPhone photo of my plate.  Behold.  We had mashed potatoes, homemade stuffing, green beans, corn, butternut squash and kale “salad,” a killer pumpkin bread (if I do say so myself – olive oil instead of butter, kind of a revelation).

And of course, a fruit salad like my grandma makes:


Always – pomegranates, orange, apple. 

And we had a nice hearty bottle of red wine.  Because obviously.  And we watched some Breaking Bad and North by Northwest.  Because obviously.

Has anyone else been wondering just how many photos of Thanksgiving dinners are floating around the internet by now?  Does the world need photos of my food?  Absolutely not.  Too late.

And…apple pie….homemade, bien sur.  And small enough for a couple.  


Okay, these are all from my iPhone.  Apologies – I’ve been enjoying it.  My mom just recently gave me her old one, and it’s been baffling but nice.  I mean, holy shit!  Internet on the phone!  And it’s fast!  But the phone part of it kind of sucks….  I realize just how behind the times I sound.  That’s called…being poor.

And yet, come now.  I am so so lucky.  Look – I don’t have a lot of money right now.  My mom bought me my plane ticket back home for Christmas, and my boyfriend is paying a little extra on the rent.  But we had the money to pay for a lovely dinner.  And I have a really well-functioning laptop to type this on.  And we live in South Pasadena where we can walk under the sweet-smelling trees after a heavy rain.  

I have what I need and more.  

I’m really in a good place lately.  I just finished the play (this is my first weekend off in two months).  I have an audition on Monday for a commercial.  I’m very close to finishing my feature script, and our short is in final sound edits.  We’re about to send it off to festivals!  We have no idea what we’re doing!  But still!

I have time to play guitar.  I have time to screw around on the internet and dream about new clothes and January’s cleanse.  

I have been so scared about money, and it’s not out of my mind.  I actually did spend some time today applying to more jobs through Craigslist.  But I’ll be okay.  Money always appears when I need it, somehow as if by magic.  

I am so so lucky.  Good food and blurry photos.  That’s where I’m at.



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