5 things

Just because.  5 Things.

1.  I absolutely love playing “Home of the Blues” by Johnny Cash on the guitar.  The guitar is healing.

2.  I talked to a psychic today who told me that I have seen postcards of spiritual experience, but haven’t gone there yet.  I started crying.

3.  I watched our short film just a bit ago – titled Winter Guest – and I don’t hate it.  A miracle.  The acting is sweet and spontaneous-feeling, and the rustic imagery and golden light of my cottage in Wisconsin is gorgeous.  Yeah, it looks like a student film at times, but it was a great experiment, and I’m happy with the result when all is said and done.  Hopefully soon I will get a trailer up here.  Now, it’s time to submit!  Yikes.

4.  I am so so so sick of California.  There’s just no getting around it.  It doesn’t feel like December.  Blue skies and palm trees.  At night I pretend it’s winter while driving around past the Christmas lights.

5.  Saw Hunger Games at the theater last night.  We sat through the credits – three full songs of credits.  Gotta be over a thousand people who worked on that movie.  And one Jennifer Lawrence.


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