The In Between Days



Like most days.  An in between day.   

Got my hair did.  A hair cut, highlights, and a conditioning treatment.  Groupon, folks.  It saves the poor girls and helps us compete with the LA fancies.  Sat next to a girl who announced nonchalantly that she’d had her hair dyed for a film and now needed it fixed up because she was gonna be on the red carpet at Sundance in three days.  I kept looking at her, but didn’t recognize her (but I definitely creeped her out). It strikes me as silly, and there must be a word for this…. If you were a big deal, you wouldn’t announce at a hair salon that you were going to Sundance…you would just get your hair did and then go…right?  If you’re announcing it, then that’s all the clout you have at the moment and, I don’t know, you’re in a hair salon and it seems…needy.

I like to plan out exactly how classy I’m going to be someday when I’m a ….(Molly Shannon deep squat cheerleader lunge)…Superstar!

Christ, I pictured this blog being much more mysterious and quiet and subtle…my inner dork reigns.  I can’t seem to help it.

But everyone does this right?  Plan exactly what kind of Famous they’re going to be?  I think everyone does, we just don’t really admit it.  We have the “when I’m rich and famous” story planned out in our heads.  And we refer to it when we feel shitty.  At least I do.  

When I’m rich and famous, I will actually pay someone to fix my sandals (all of which are falling apart)!

When I’m rich and famous, I will have fabulous personalized stationery!  And I will actually write on it and send it!

When I’m rich and famous, I will be able to actually buy myself a lunch in a box from a fancy health food market!

When I’m rich and famous, I will drive a beat up truck because I am that cool and laid back!  And I will find a way to make it a Hybrid!

When I’m rich and famous, I will live in a farmhouse out in the country somewhere and only show up in LA when I HAVE to for a movie or an awards show!  (I mean, please, how dull.)

Anyway.  Some of mine.  We all have dreams.  Mine is apparently to be laid back and super not braggy about my money – but definitely be extremely wealthy.  Definitely.  

What else on an in between day?  Did color corrections on the film – a lot of prissy last minute fixes to a film that we have to burn to DVD asap.  I’m also about to do yoga right now.  Then have a green juice.  Call my mom.  Edit my feature script in bed with tea.  That’s The Plan.  Oh, and run lines for an audition tomorrow evening.  

Honestly, I think I enjoyed writing that paragraph mostly because it makes me sound productive and like a real Actress/Filmmaker, when in actuality there is so much doubt involved.  Endless doubt.  I’m really making this up as I go along.

But what do you do?  Pretend it’s not there mostly.  Enjoy the fact that a girl next to you at the Hollywood salon is getting ready for Sundance.  Because you can go too.  That’s where consistently showing up on the In Between Days gets you.  Fingers crossed.


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