Hello, It’s Been A While…

I’ve been crazy stressed lately, but mostly for good reasons.  So you gotta be grateful (teeth gritting…grateful).  But waking up in a panic every morning with a headache because you’ve been worrying in your SLEEP is not a great place to be.  So, for now, here are a couple nice links that are making me feel better right now.  I will tell you about life later.  

-I’ve started getting into whiskey and enjoy it on ice,  but I know nothing about cocktails.  This one was delicious.

10 Ways to Share Your Creativity – story of my life lately

So many movies I have to watch immediately

-I would really prefer to go on vacation and read for hours on end with no one bothering me.  Right now.  Oh, and I would visit these bookshops

-I’m reading The Wednesday Chef’s (Luisa Weiss’s) book lately just because I like to think about food all. day. long.  And I love her blog.  

That’s all!  I will share some of the ups and downs soon!


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