Why I’ve Been Gone…


I’ve been gone because life has been insane.  In the past month, I was a part of a 10 minute play reading event (my play, written in four days from a prompt, was called Open Heart Open Mic).  I also flew back home to Wisconsin with my man and we attended the Door County Short Film Festival to see Winter Guest premiere.  There we met with actors and secured some locations at local business and basically forced my mom to drive us everywhere in the snow because we had no car…

Now, back in Cali, we’ve been planning our NEXT short (please GOD help us shoot it in about a week and a half…) – deciding on actors, shooting methods, etc.


I have to remember – this is how you survive stressful times. Not chocolate. Not pizza. Dammit!

And SIMULTANEOUSLY (for some reason it’s harder to spell that word correctly in caps – it took a couple tries) we are going full speed ahead with “marketing” for our feature!  The FEATCHA!  That’s how you say it properly.

And I put marketing in quotes because this is not real.  We can’t afford to pay anyone to help us with online media, posters, websites, etc.  So I am tweeting like a crazy person.  Instagraming.  Facebooking.  Planning a newsletter.  And….tada!

Here is our new website.

It’s homemade and it looks it.  I’ll admit to that.  But it’s also cozy and sweet and, I hope, it feels genuine.  We’re not fancy right now – though we will be someday, and we’re certainly capable of getting there.  

For now, we’re beginners, and we’re happy to admit it.  We want to share the process (and I will continue to share my individual process here).


Here’s a photo of some beets I took recently. Aren’t they trippy?

Okay.  Whew.  Now, after all that talk about productivity, can we just admit something?

Social media…kind of a bitch.  Right?  I mean, I love it.  I mean – scratch that.  It’s going to help me make movies, so….I love it.  I get to talk to my brother and sister through stupid Onion articles….so I love it (go on there whenever you’re sad, seriously).

But it’s also exhausting, petty, a waste of time, and it never used to be necessary so I resent it.  A little.  Mostly I enjoy it.

Here’s the deal.  I re-watched Slacker last night (netflix), so I guess it’s got me feeling nostalgic for tape players.  Young people just hanging out and talking to each other without that sense of cliquishness (is that a word?).  No one staring into phones.

I mean, this is a whole other blog post.  Being a kid of the 90’s and expecting that that’s what it would be like to be in my 20s.  Fail, 2010s, fail!

Wow.  The point is – social media is amazing.  But I’m nostalgic and always will be.  This post was a bunch of rambling.

Visit my new website!


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