Beat Up, Thrilled

photo (26)

Well, we survived the short film shooting and we survived editing our Indiegogo…and now we are healing. Or trying to, in between major hustling to get this Indiegogo out into the world and also keep up with the day jobs.  I can’t write much now because I’m about to go check out a Shakespeare play for children that my buddy’s in (he’s playing Lady Macbeth in a blonde wig, I mean, come on).  But, what I can say is – how the hell do you survive this kind of thing?  I’m kind of serious – if anyone out there stumbles upon this blog, tell me how to do this!  I feel like I’m running a marathon and I haven’t run for like a month.  It’s terrifying.

I’ll write more up here soon because this process is insane and I feel like telling y’all about it.  It’s not for the faint of heart, nor is it for the very sensitive and anxious – shit!  I’m all of those!

Anyway.  Here is our Indiegogo video.  Please visit our campaign and consider donating.  Even just a couple bucks makes a difference.  I believe in this project with all of my heart – spread it around if you’re interested!




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