Days of Aches


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This movie pre-production is working me to the ground.

I’m managing a thousand different social media outlets (is that the right word for it?).  Another blog, which you can find here.  A Pinterest board for our movie.  Twitter.  Our Facebook page.  I just sent out a newsletter this morning.  I’m answering a bajillion emails in two different email accounts.  I’m running a damned Indiegogo campagin.

I’m scheduling, calling locations, taking critiques on the script from some actors (something I would never do as an actor…but that’s a whole other post), trying to figure out the overall cost and whether we can actually afford this thing.  Shit shit shit.

And I am so tired of it all.  I’m so ready to just quit a lot of the time.  But I can’t admit that anywhere else.  I have to be upbeat.

I can tell you right now – I love this movie.  I believe this movie can be incredible and I know in a very deep place that June Falling Down is going somewhere big.  I know it has great festival run potential.  I also think that it’s going to touch a lot of people and it will get picked up somewhere, somehow.

I also know that I really really need to not be a director for a while after this because my heart is starting to ache.  I really need to just be a hired actor or a writer.  Or even just a painter all by myself, just dealing with galleries or whatnot.

This is the dark place.  There’s always light around the corner.  It just hurts right now.

This movie matters.  This movie matters.  This movie matters.


2 thoughts on “Days of Aches

  1. Why don’t you divide up the tasks a bit? Find a partner to help lessen the load! I tried doing it all myself for a long time and while I still do most of it on my own, I’ve learned to let go a bit and it’s a lot less stressful (and more fun to share experiences with other people!) best of luck with June falling down!

    • Hi! I can’t believe I just saw your comment. I was away from this blog for such a long while… Yeah, I was lucky to get a lot of help from people once we arrived in Wisconsin to shoot – but, oy, not being able to pay people (or even just one person!) to handle “administrative” stuff was beastly. It was just me and my boyfriend, the occasional boom op, and my mom making us “craft services.” Haha – so beyond indie. That said, we’re just about wrapped with the movie and we’re hoping this will help fund the next one a little more so that next time we’ll have a bigger full-time team. 🙂

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