A List of What Works – Beauty and Otherwise

Because far too often I talk about my struggles, what isn’t working.  Here’s a list of what does work, what keeps me keeps me shiny and happy (happier), what keeps me clear of mind.  Made this on the airplane on the way back to Cali two days ago.

photo (54)

– Honey and lemon masks

– Meditation and sunlight

– Blow drying my hair 50% upside down and letting the rest air dry gives me easy, natural hair but prevents flatness.  Also a little teasing helps.  Who knew?

– Shoes matter – lazy early 20s me was much sloppier.  I’m moving out of that.  Also cuffs of pants matter.

– A clean bedside table helps me sleep better and affects the whole morning as well.  Something about setting my coffee down by my little Ganesha and turquoise stone and favorite stack of books.

–  Take care of your lips – buff with a toothbrush and use lip balm.

– Floss, dammit!

– Facebook and blogs are not real life and do not count as socializing – it’s unhealthy.  Get out, get out!

– Eat along with your coffee – otherwise you’ll cry. True fact.

– Meals are better with conversation or quiet or music, but not TV or email.

– Ads make me deeply unhappy – but I hardly notice it.  It’s a cumulative effect of happy perfect people over and over again.  Avoid TV and women’s magazines for a while and you’ll see the difference.  (Great side benefit of making the movie)

– Checking in with grandparents is good for your health and spirit.

– A strong body makes every outfit look 100x better and feel more fun to wear.

-Moisturize your body and scrub often – I get so lazy about this.

– An organized purse is delicious to deal with.  Disorganization leads to me throwing tampons on library checkout counters.

– Regular art intake is more important than vitamins.

– Fish really does help skin.  So does kale/spinach.

– Keep a hairbrush in the car, also nuts and a lot of change and a stain stick.

– Put clean laundry away immediately (why is this impossible for me??).

– Touch/press your heart or whatever part of your body is holding the stress or pain or tears and breathe and feel whatever it is.  Go there for a couple minutes.  Everything can only get better after that.

– Singing feels better almost always

– Less makeup/the look of ease is better than perfection.

– New music (and old) roots you into life – exploring opens your heart up.