Simple Pleasures – Time Away from the Noise

“Dear God, teach me to be careless.”

-Hanif Kureishi, “Intimacy”

photo (74)

So I just made a great, quick decision – I’m traveling without my laptop for the next five days (!!!).  First – let’s acknowledge just how appalling it is that that’s an uncomfortable thing for me to do in our day and age, but it’s where my work gets done.  Where dreaming happens.  Everything.

It just didn’t make sense to bring it.  We’re heading down to Georgia to see Chris’ parents and we’ll be traveling the whole time – up to Knoxville (his original home) for his brother’s graduation, then over to Asheville (ohmygoshicantwait), then down to Georgia again for his mom’s Christmas concert (she’s a church organist).  So why on earth would I need a laptop?  I have work to do – I always do.  But I’ll have no time to do it.

So….that’s some breathing space.  I’m excited.

Clear mind.  Yes.

Granted, I’ll still be instagraming, but a lot of – really most – of the general noise will be cut out.

Which is really how I like it anyway.

Step away.  Smell some (stolen…) evergreen.  Have what my grandma calls a “toad in the hole.”  Ride along in the back seat and look out the window.

photo (81)

photo (79)


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